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Elanor Womens Womens Slipper Slipper Ugg Elanor Ugg Black wPnqa8
« All the Domestic and International Bidders and also the Department Users may kindly update their contact mobile Number so that their Country Code (for example 91 for India ) is prefixed to their existing mobile number if it is not done so already. « Additional Help Desk Number 0120-4001005.
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Tender status finds search with only one criteria at a time, either I,II or III in the order of precedence even if more than one criteria is used for search. Tender ID finds exact match for Search Criteria I. Fields marked as Elanor Ugg Slipper Womens Womens Black Ugg Elanor Slipper * are mandatory for respective Search Criteria. Maximum of 1 month is allowed for Search by date. # - Either Organisation Name or Tender Reference Number is mandatory for Search.
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